The Walk

by Polly M. Granger

Whoosh! goes the door as I open it. I fumble with my shoes and finally they decide to co-operate. As I lunge for my bag I call bye to Mum and Dad and race down the driveway. Tinkle, tinkle goes the gate as it opens. I smash it shut behind me and run to the front of my house. I can smell all the flowers and plants in our garden. I turn and start to walk to the corner. One house, two, three, four, five, I count as I cross the road. Six houses seven, eight, nine, ten, I turn the corner. The wind whistles and picks leaves off some trees. I watch them sail past me. I shiver and cross to the sunny side of the road. I turn as I spot a strange house. Wait, what? Why have I never seen this house before? I didn’t think Kite had a fluoro house? I see a girl in the window that looks like strangely enough like Kite. “Hey Kite!” I yell. She just starts to mumble something under her breath. Someone comes into the room and hurriedly yells “Shut the blinds you idiot! I already told you that whatever room you are in you must shut the blinds. Even when practising the piano young lady.”

I feel uneasy, like this family is not the Stephens. I rush to school and glance behind me. I see the girl, she waves. “Ahhhh I scream and run …”

In this exercise the kids were asked to write a descriptive passage about a familiar journey. After some time we stopped them and asked them to add a twist of fantasy. 

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