My Journey to Cricket Training

**In this exercise the kids had to start by writing a detailed description of a familiar journey. They then had to introduce an unusual interruption …

by Sir Writealot

imagesAs I walk out the door the air hits me. Wonderful, beautiful air. The journey is small but exhausting with my heavy cricket bag. Up a small hill I go, taking in the beautiful trees and birds. On my way, I nearly forget about swimming after training. Oh no! As I drag myself to the top of the hill I hear a thunderous booming noise and it starts to rain heavily. I was about to run back home until a deafening scroar (That’s a scream and a roar at the same time! Who would’ve known). I look up and see something in the shadow of cloud having no idea what it is (well its pretty easy to tell that I have no idea what it is (so I don’t have to say it because it pretty obvious that I don’t know what it is (but still I don’t know what is it (and I really didn’t have to say that (okay I really have to stop doing brackets. I’ve already done five brackets in one so I think I have to stop doing brackets (okay maybe one more bracket just to make it interesting (really I have to stop doing brackets. I’ve done seven brackets. How do I stop doing this? (Uh oh I think I fell through a portal into bracket world (is this the end for me? (To be continued! Wow even that’s in a brackets! Okay that’s it (The End))))))))))))

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