My Journey to Cricket Training

**In this exercise the kids had to start by writing a detailed description of a familiar journey. They then had to introduce an unusual interruption …

by Sir Writealot

imagesAs I walk out the door the air hits me. Wonderful, beautiful air. The journey is small but exhausting with my heavy cricket bag. Up a small hill I go, taking in the beautiful trees and birds. On my way, I nearly forget about swimming after training. Oh no! As I drag myself to the top of the hill I hear a thunderous booming noise and it starts to rain heavily. I was about to run back home until a deafening scroar (That’s a scream and a roar at the same time! Who would’ve known). I look up and see something in the shadow of cloud having no idea what it is (well its pretty easy to tell that I have no idea what it is (so I don’t have to say it because it pretty obvious that I don’t know what it is (but still I don’t know what is it (and I really didn’t have to say that (okay I really have to stop doing brackets. I’ve already done five brackets in one so I think I have to stop doing brackets (okay maybe one more bracket just to make it interesting (really I have to stop doing brackets. I’ve done seven brackets. How do I stop doing this? (Uh oh I think I fell through a portal into bracket world (is this the end for me? (To be continued! Wow even that’s in a brackets! Okay that’s it (The End))))))))))))

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Finger print characters

fullsizerender10 fullsizerender11 fullsizerender12 fullsizerender13 fullsizerender14

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The Walk

by Polly M. Granger

Whoosh! goes the door as I open it. I fumble with my shoes and finally they decide to co-operate. As I lunge for my bag I call bye to Mum and Dad and race down the driveway. Tinkle, tinkle goes the gate as it opens. I smash it shut behind me and run to the front of my house. I can smell all the flowers and plants in our garden. I turn and start to walk to the corner. One house, two, three, four, five, I count as I cross the road. Six houses seven, eight, nine, ten, I turn the corner. The wind whistles and picks leaves off some trees. I watch them sail past me. I shiver and cross to the sunny side of the road. I turn as I spot a strange house. Wait, what? Why have I never seen this house before? I didn’t think Kite had a fluoro house? I see a girl in the window that looks like strangely enough like Kite. “Hey Kite!” I yell. She just starts to mumble something under her breath. Someone comes into the room and hurriedly yells “Shut the blinds you idiot! I already told you that whatever room you are in you must shut the blinds. Even when practising the piano young lady.”

I feel uneasy, like this family is not the Stephens. I rush to school and glance behind me. I see the girl, she waves. “Ahhhh I scream and run …”

In this exercise the kids were asked to write a descriptive passage about a familiar journey. After some time we stopped them and asked them to add a twist of fantasy. 

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by Prof. JR Panderman


Caravan Dali by Aram Vardazaryan

The desert heat rages as a stand-storm blew. The strange beings continued. They weren’t sure if they were alive or dead. Not even Ushapi, the funniest of them all could make a joke of the situation. They hadn’t been watered for months. All of the sudden the lights came into view.

The beings ran and ran as fast as they could until they found a tribe sweating from the heat. When they saw the beings instead of screaming in fear, the tribe cried with joy. “Tree Camels, Tree Camels! They will give us shade!”

The nurse of the tribe suddenly appeared.

“They will need to be looked after well. These tree camels need rest.” So the 10m tall creatures laid down for a few days. When they awoke they were the peoples coats, shade, umbrellas and pillows. Everyone was grateful.

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Illustration workshop with Stephanie Holm

fullsizerender9We were lucky enough to have the fabulous Stephanie Holm visit us this term to share her work. Stephanie is a natural history illustrator, writer and artist and inspired the kids to create their own animal character illustration and story.



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Poetry in the everyday

FullSizeRender[7]Poetry is all around us and can be found in unusual or not-so-unusual places. We know this thanks to guest poet and educator Janette Hoppe. Janette inspired us with an object meditation using a smooth rock.  We then had fun with ‘found poetry’ or looking for words and lines in everyday life and putting them together to create a poem. Facebook feeds, TV shows, magazines, writing on a blackboard, posters, chapter headings in your latest book… so much fun and sometimes profound.

Enjoy a few samples from our Junction Masterclass:

Object Mediation by Lady Unicorn

I sit there in a silent class

Waiting for the silent time to pass

My eyes are closed

But I can feel

Audrey thrashing like an electric eel

My mind is filling up with books

I am dying to take a look.

Mauri life force by Lord Peachy Cow

Scarred rock

full of mixed emotions

angled and gentle and cool and warm

fits in palm, fingers closed around

overlooked hurt stone.

Found poem from the Macquarie Dictionary by Triple B

Abuse [*noun uhbyoos]

Excuse [*noun ik-skyoos]

Abuse [*verb uhbyooz]

Excuse [*verb ik-skyooz]

Why do you always be a goose



Don’t be a necessity

Do all the things

Good boy.

*notes for pronunciation only

Found Poem from school whiteboard by Butterfly Girl

Be scared you’re gonna

lose said the survivor Mrs

Brown with bad School Values

in shoeboxes.

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Robot Birds

Inspired by our teacher training at The Sydney Story Factory, the kids have had fun creating their own Robot Birds complete with backstories…

Lizzie Technical created by Miss Knowitall

IMG_4052One hot summers day while I was walking past an electricity line, I saw a bird, but it wasn’t acting like a normal bird, It was like it was trying to get into the thin black rope. The bird had a lime green and purple head with card blue eyes, aqua and pink wings, a blue body with what looked like a satellite on its chest and robot-like legs. It definitely WASN’T a normal bird because instead of eating worms it was eating a pack of cheese balls, not cheese balls that have fallen to the ground, squashed, had a bite-taken-out-of-one-and-in-a-bin, cheeseballs which had been purchased recently and were perfectly normal except the part that they were ‘oil’ flavoured.

Suddenly the bird caught my eye and stared at me with a sharp look, bolted towards me like a new and improved rocket. I screamed and sprinted like my life depended on it. Well actually it did. I couldn’t run any longer. My legs deflated like a whoopee cushion. Just as I thought the bird was about to attack me, it stopped like a car in a car crash and said,

“Hello, Jolly good day isn’t it. My name is Lizzie Technical, Lizzie for short. I am your robot bird. How are you old chap?”

Now I could see it, Lizzy DID have a satellite and robot legs. Her colours were not normal bird colours. I pinched myself, kicked myself, punched myself, did everything to hurt myself but then I realised I wasn’t dreaming. I snatched Lizzie and ran all the way home. Finally I could use my safe for something useful. “Sorry Lizzie,” I said to her. “You’ll have to live in here.” Then I slammed the safe shut before she could reply.

Finally I had a pet.

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Scriptwriting crescendo

13516712_574592416061583_3729216733711997404_nTaking a slightly different storytelling tangent, we finished the Unload term with some epic theatrical performances for parents and friends.  With the help of actor, writer, director extraordinaire, Jerry Ray, each school group wrote their own collaborative story, developed it into a script and brought it to the stage. Rollicking good story lines, witty dialogue and unique characters abounded. Have you ever seen a play starring Grandmas flying teeth, an evil chair, a talking Pterodactyl or a book with eyebrows?

Unfortunately we were so mesmerised by the wondrous stories including “The Eyebrow Book”, “The Magic Quill”, “Mad Queens, Evil Princesses and Potion Mixers” and “Zoltana the Pancake Wizard” that we forgot to take many photos!

Well done everyone on your great collaborative skills and fantastic imaginations. We can’t wait to see what you will come up with in term 3!

IMG_3790 FullSizeRender[6] 13335727_565801593607332_4141838336757070775_n

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Wanting and Needing

We love list poetry because it’s playful and profound:

Needs and Wants by MLG

I need water but I want a Sony playstation

I need shelter but I want everything for free

I need food but I want $100million every minute

I need electronics but I want Nyan kitty

I need oxygen but I want Mocrosoft Xbox 2017

I need to be in the 21st Century but I want to be in the 22nd Century


Untitled List Poem by Louise B. Carrington

I got a letter, just today

that told me I was magic

and on September 1st I’d make my way

to a school that’d teach me how

to be strategic

But wait! This could be tragic

I need to pack the essential things

to suit the trip

the letter did bring

How about

A magic wand

Cauldrons, three

Lots of money

and of course, me!

A pet owl to pass the time

Family photographs

And much, much more

But one thing is important

I take it everywhere

Of course it is my faithful

and loving teddy bear

(but I’ll still miss my family).


I Want by Audrey E. Bolander

I want to see the world,

From China to Timbuktu.

And I want to meet new people,

People less like me or you.

I wish to have a family,

Where we laugh and love and play.

And I wish to write and read,

Every single day.

I wanna go to Hogwarts,

to volunteer too.

I want to run with the Doctor,

And run with Merlin too.

I’m waiting for my satyr,

and for my time to jump.

I’m looking for a polished stone.

and longing for the nectar.

But most of all,

I want to be noticed.

I want to have friends.

I want to be free.

I need to be me.


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The Ship’s Concert

FullSizeRender[4] IMG_3621We really loved this collaborative personification effort by a group at Hamilton South Public inspired by the Daniel Eskridge image “Ship in a Storm”. They also did a lovely job reading it to the class in the form of a beautiful poem (see pic).

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